Mathematics Senior Yousif Seedham

Yousif Seedham"I joined the IE Pre-Grad internship to help me decide whether to pursue a graduate degree or try to find a position using my BS-Math degree. I was leaning towards continuing my education, however, I did not know what a graduate students did. My mentor, David Jensen, a PhD student, helped understand what life as a graduate student was like. We discussed courses workload, and some of his research. His input and advice was invaluable.

Dave also worked with me on understanding what the nature if independent study that graduate students go through is like. He suggested quantum cryptography as a topic to research with a goal of giving a talk. We met regularly and discussed this topic, as well as many areas of mathematics, life of a graduate student, life after graduating, and any topic that was of interest to us.

So what did I get out of the IE Pre-Grad Internship? This experience opened a window so I can look at a small part of what grad school is like; but even more than that, this internship has forced me to question my motives and reasons, and the consequences of my decision about whether to attend grad school. Even more importantly it has allowed me to speak and interact with other students dealing with similar questions and doubts about their decision.

I recommend this program to any one who thinks that grad school is an option. The IE Pre-Grad internship has allowed me a chance to see for myself what grad school is like. I cannot stress this enough, the fact that I had the chance to follow, interview and act like a grad student has shown me things I never would have guessed about grad school and about the life that grad students live."