IE Texas State University Pre-Doctoral Mentorship Program

Jodi Smith Advertising Doctoral Candidate Jodi Smith

"This past semester, I served as an IE Pre-Doctoral Mentor for a master's candidate at Texas State University who was considering pursuing a Ph.D. The process was a learning experience for both of us. It was helpful for my student to hear a first-hand account of my experiences, but it was equally beneficial for me to have the chance to share with her what have I learned, the struggles I have faced, and the excitement I have for the future." Read more.

Irene Kosela Texas State University Advertising Master's Candidate Irene Kosela

"I think this semester with my mentor Jodi (in the IE Texas State Pre-Doctoral Mentorship Program) has breathed life back into my excitement for the field of advertising. This experience has helped me to realize that earning a PhD is made up of hard work, dedication and focus. I have a great deal of respect for the process and feel very privileged that Jodi took the time to get to know and help me. This semester, I have been able to take more time to explore research areas, which has helped me to get excited about what the future holds for me." Read more.