Social Work Pre Grad Intern Meghan Graham

Meghan Graham"I'd like to share a recent development in my academic career that was influenced by my participation in the IE Pre-Grad Internship program. I have been invited to be a City Hall Fellow for the spring 2014 semester. It is a community leadership position that will entail working with local residents, neighborhood associations, and other community agencies to identify community needs and work collaboratively to revitalize and address the needs of local inhabitants. My IE mentor gave me lots of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom and with local agencies and citizens. We volunteered for the point-in-time homeless count and got to speak with advocates, professionals, and the people who were homeless themselves to get a dynamic perspective of the issues affecting Austin's homeless population. Exposure to IE gave me the experiential learning that is very necessary in my field. I am thankful for the community connections I have made, and know this will only make me a better agent of change for people in my community facing needs. I feel passionately about the IE program and have even encouraged fellow cohorts to register."

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Graham Selected to Deliver Convocation Speech