Social Work Pre Grad Intern Marisa Ortega

Marisa Ortega“I come from a low income area in Dallas, Texas. Growing up my family could barely make ends meet and college was out of the question for me. It took many years but I made the decision to make the sacrifices I needed to go to college. I am the first of my family to attend college, which makes my family very proud. I am setting an example for my nephew by showing him that college is not out of the question, no matter where you come from. My ultimate goal when I finish school is to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I aim to work with all types of populations and advocate for the disability population. Ultimately, I want to be happy in life while helping disadvantaged populations find their happiness and reach many of their goals. My college experiences have made me the person I am today and I am so grateful that I was able to receive a higher education, despite all of the odds.”

I am honored to be an Alumni of the IE Program and Kuhn Scholar, which has showed me that my opportunities are endless. As a first generation college graduate, my education has helped me find my passion, values, and has helped shape who I am becoming. Not only was I able to learn my graduate program interests, I also had the opportunity to learn about other disciplines and what their graduate programs look like. My participation within the IE Program also gave me more confidence in interviewing/communicating with other colleagues and professors. The IE program inspired me to become a mentor in grad school. I want to thank the IE Program for creating change within UT's campus, as well as offering assistance to enhance student's education.”