Dual Degree (Public Affairs-LBJ School-and Law) Graduate Student
Jessica Cassidy

Jessica CassidyMy experience as a mentor in the IE Pre-Grad Internship really helped to underscore how give-and-take relationships in higher education work. On many occasions, I found myself thinking, "I'm getting out more from this experience than Yvette (my Pre-Grad intern) is." And I'm certain this is how many of my professors feel, when confronted with new perspectives about issues and topics they find interesting. "Wow, I'm actually learning from my students."

I guess this is somewhat difficult to articulate--I'm trying to express that I learned a LOT from Yvette. Our conversations on overextension in extracurricular activities, race matters in prestigious programs, and how expectation really forges action still stick with me. And that's one of the real treasures of the IE program--you get more than your bargain.