Communication Pre-Grad Intern Daniel Perenyi

Daniel Perenyi"My particular interest in the IE Program arose after Dr. Tommy Darwin, the director of the IE Pre Grad Internship, spoke to my Environmental Science Professionalism class and gave perhaps one of the most uplifting talks I have heard in college. His premise was that we have the skills; all we need is the gusto to accomplish the things we dream of doing. If I were to sum up the main takeaways from the IE Program, the word I keep coming back to is "gusto." This class taught me how to embrace my work and take my ideas to the next level through hard work and enjoyment. The combination of those two yielded excellent results and taught me how to power through moments of doubt and how to work hard towards those critical points that are part of starting a company. Because of these basic findings I was able to thrive in starting an advertising and PR agency, and adapt to the changes that come with creating a business."

UPDATE (11/11/13)--Daniel Perenyi explains how his company would not be where it is today without the IE experience:

"The IE Program certainly helped my entrepreneurial ambitions by giving me opportunities outside of my major's requirements to explore my own personal ambitions. It gave me a space to seek mentorship and expand my academic horizons beyond science and into the realm of communication. IE provided the inspiration and practical advice to start the business I now help run, The Jamislaus Group, a boutique Austin ad agency. No doubt The Jamislaus Group would not be where it is today without the help of the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program. The IE Program has been a foundational aspect of our business."