Electrical and Computer Engineering Doctoral Student Xiao Pu

Xiao PuAs a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering I mentored David Liu in the spring 2007 Intellectual Entrepreneurship Internship course. It was an interesting and fun learning experience for both of us.

David wanted to make a device to enhance an electric guitar signal. In particular, he wanted to make a "temolo" effect guitar pedal. This involved building an electronic oscillator circuit. We had several meetings during the semester and discussed the issues he faced and possible help he could receive.

I think it's very rewarding to introduce a junior to a research project as part of mentorship such as this. Being an IE Pre-Grad mentor is different than teaching a regular class in that the student has to define the project in all stages, and organize his time and efforts to finish it. This made the IE internship valuable course. It was also fun for me to learn things about guitar pedals.