MBA Graduate Student Varsha Dadlani

Varsha DadlaniIt is more important to know what you do not like versus what you like. This is of even more importance to undergraduate students who are trying to navigate their way through the plethora of courses and opportunities that universities have to offer. Once students have a true understanding of where their interests lay, the probability of them being successful in the chosen field of work rises exponentially. The IE program offered my mentee (Doug) the perfect platform to achieve this! He was able meet with professors at the McCombs School of Business, interact with representatives from the Babson College and even sit in on classes at the Acton School, in addition to the twenty other things he accomplished. Doug carried out a tremendous amount of research towards his goal of a graduate program that will help him towards his ultimate goal of being university level professor teaching business history or entrepreneurship.

I come from a family where a lot of emphasis is laid on the power of a good education and every degree or form of education is looked upon as an investment in one's future. I was fortunate to have been given good direction early on in my life and when the opportunity to work with IE presented itself, I was excited to add value in a mentee' search for a higher education. The experience has been very rewarding. In addition to guiding his research efforts and giving my input, I have learnt from the years of industry experience that Doug brings to the program. Doug will be applying for a PhD program on completing his undergraduate degree in the spring of 2012. I wish him the very best!