Anthropology Doctoral Student Stacy Drake

Stacy Drake"My research goals for this summer were to complete excavations of human burials uncovered in the field by other archaeologists and to train students (two of whom I have worked closely with in the IE program) in proper techniques for the excavation of human remains. I also worked closely with two students from the IE program on analyzing human remains to gain insight on past life experiences of the ancient Maya. I was approximately four months pregnant in the field this summer and my most memorable moment by far was when I felt my baby kick for the very first time while I was excavating a burial with other students and colleagues! I hope that future IE students will continue to be inspired by their own experiences and work to become archaeologists.

As a mentor for the IE program, I have been able to not only meet and form lasting relationships with students who share similar passions for my field of work, but also see the many benefits of helping these students obtain valuable opportunities to follow and obtain their professional goals. I did not have such an opportunity as the IE program as an undergraduate student and can see the great value that my students coming through the program now receive in attaining their goals of entering graduate or professional programs following graduation. It is often difficult to form connections with undergraduate students (even if they share in your interests and passions), but this program has allowed me to work with so many different and amazing individuals! I hope that they have enjoyed their experience as much as I have, and I truly hope that the guidance they have received from both my interactions with them and their participation in IE has helped them figure out an exciting and obtainable path for their future."