English/RTF (Women's and Gender Studies IE Pre-Grad Intern) Junior Shenise Sampson

Shenise SampsonThe IE Pre-Graduate Internship not only offered me the opportunity to understand and learn about graduate school life in an academic sense, but a personal one as well. My experience this semester in the program was successful mainly because of my mentor's constant support and advice. I gained an opportunity to learn about the graduate school application process, how to research graduate schools and programs suitable for my interests and passions, and how my success does not have to be limited by background or worries concerning financial options.

The program also advised me to interview professors in the field I am interested in pursuing, as well as weigh many resources. My mentor and I made time to attend the Graduate School Fair and the Graduate Scholarships/ Fellowships Fair, in which graduate school representatives made themselves available to introduce students to their schools, programs, and welcoming opportunities. In addition, I found resources that will assist me in preparing for the GRE Exam, personal statement writing, and resume building. The program's panel discussions and my mentor's sharing of her experiences have helped me gain a clearer knowledge of how a graduate student's lifestyle and projects vary according to the program and the school.

One of the most rewarding experiences was the networking. Because of the IE Pre-Graduate Internship program, I have improved my networking skills and, as a result, have built solid friendships and met many acquaintances that have offered their assistance and support wherever I need it. I do encourage more students to consider the IE Pre-Graduate Internship Program because it is a valuable addition to the undergraduate experience. Not only that, but I encourage more African-American individuals, like myself, to consider options for graduate school. This program provides resources for undergraduate students in preparing for their future after college. There are many skills to learn and many opportunities to gain. Take advantage of this chance to better your future academic career.

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