Sean Haley, Education doctoral candidate

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picture of Sean HaleyIn short, I've found the PFF program beneficial in that I have been afforded a couple of opportunities to get some sound teaching experience under my belt--beyond the teaching assistant level of interaction. Through the structure of the PFF program I found myself engaged in powerful co-teaching experiences at Huston-Tillotson College. One semester I co-taught a "Contemporary Social Problems" class while during another semester I had the opportunity to co-teach an "Educational Psychology" class. While both interactions provided me with valuable experiences, the latter experience was most powerful for a couple of reasons: 1) Educational Psychology is my doctoral degree area and the mentor/professor with whom I worked offered me many opportunities to contribute to the development and facilitation of this class; 2) the class was taught via a distance learning platform--which afforded me the wonderful opportunity to develop a skill that is both practical and on the cutting edge in terms of instructional delivery systems that are being implemented globally. Through this platform I was able to experience teaching students locally as well as statewide. Ultimately, the experiences I had through this program aided me in developing essential instructional skill-sets. Also, I gained a clearer sense of myself in the role of "professor."

To a large degree I find the PFF program experience to be promising in that it allows students the chance to investigate personal strengths and weaknesses in a "safe" environment. In turn, students are afforded the opportunity to further hone skills that will be needed upon exit from the safe haven of graduate school and entrance into the world of the academic. Moreover, the experience can boost your confidence and even jump start your career. For those who are seeking an additional edge or who are seeking deeper insight into a world or subculture that, frankly, can sometimes be cold, competitive, and uninviting, PFF experiences can offer some breakthrough opportunities. In view of this fact, I particularly urge ethnic minorities and women to take advantage of the myriad opportunities provided through the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program, including the PFF program.