Law School Mentor Robert Ford

Robert FordMy name is Robert Ford and I am currently a first-year student at the University of Texas School of Law. This past Spring of 2007, I participated in the IE Pre-Grad Internship Program, working as a mentor to an undergraduate student with an interest in post graduate education. I think I speak for myself as well as my mentee, when I say that this past semester proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience for each of us.

Over the course of the semester, my mentee, Michael McGehee, literally apprenticed himself to me, shadowing me in classes and social events at the law school. He received invaluable first-hand experience that most aspiring law students fail to enjoy until they are actually in law school. Not only was he able to get a sort of sneak preview into the legal field as an area of academic study, but Michael also gained insight into what "life is like as a law student".

On my end, being juxtaposed to such an energetic and eager student as Michael reinvigorated my own excitement about law school, and literally reminded me of why I am here. For the graduate mentor, the program provides valuable perspective and an outlet from what can sometimes be the doldrums of post graduate study.

I would strongly recommend participation in this program, both to undergraduates and graduate students alike. The experience is memorable and is rare. I am greatly appreciative of having been afforded the opportunity to take part in it.