History Pre Grad Intern Obinna Dennar

Obinna Dennar“I am pleased to say I have been accepted to and will enroll in the History graduate program at Rice’

Speaking frankly, doing and completing the IE Pre-graduate School Internship really put me ahead of my peers when it came time to apply for graduate school. I like to think of this program as "a sneak preview at life as a graduate student." Hearing professors reflect on their graduate school experiences and how that impacted not just their careers but also their lives gave all of us a unique chance to hear candidly how going to graduate school can change your life. Additionally, being mentored by a current graduate student and/or professor while exploring the different aspects of life as a graduate student gave us a great insight into what the experience is. Being graciously awarded the Kuhn Award also enhanced the depth to which I could conduct my research, which made the experience ever more real and exciting. The IE experience made it less stressful and also less intimidating when it came time to apply for graduate school. I am proud and honored to say that much of my academic success is and will be due to being and IE intern!”