School of Human Ecology-Human Development and Family Sciences Graduate Student Mickey Langlais

Mickey Langlais"My IE intern Alice and I hit the ground running at the beginning of the semester. She had already been quite familiar with the research process, but this semester we both sought to increase her knowledge about the importance of research, research methodology, research presentation, and all other aspects of the research process. Alice learned how to do efficient graduate-level literature reviews as well as graduate level statistical analyses, such as using HLM, SPSS, and Mplus. All in all, Alice contributed to the creation of a project coinciding with the work Dr. Edward Anderson and I are doing on how child development plays a role in parental dating after divorce. With assistance from an IE Travel Grant she will also be traveling to Chicago, IL this summer to help present a poster at the International Association of Relationship Research.

Not only was Alice intimately involved in poster preparation and construction, but she also aided in several other projects that will be submitted for publication in the next few months. Alice has learned about the publication process and its importance in graduate school and beyond. She has transformed this semester from an undergraduate student to a confident, experienced scholar. She has an obvious niche in the realm of research that I hope she continues to act on in the future years to come.

As a mentor, I came into the experience with the evolving mind of a student who was willing to learn and ask questions. I learned how to conceptualize ideas in a different manner. Alice was always able to give a varying perspective in our research, particularly from the mindset of a minority group, which helped me formulate more distinct hypotheses and research questions. Her ideas were crucial in the development of all of our projects this semester."