Communication Studies (Law IE Pre-Grad Intern) Senior Mera Baker

Mera BakerFrom Internships to Algebra

I first heard about the IE Pre-Grad Internship from one of my communication studies instructors, Mr. Kerk Kee, who raved about how IE afforded you the opportunity to push your educational boundaries and enter into multiple professional and academic areas of interest.

As a future law student I chose to complete my course internship at a firm that was recommended to me through IE, The Martinez Jones Law Firm: a local Austin based firm that tackles a wide variety of legal cases ranging from real estate and immigration to personal injury and child custody. I gained more insight into the life and daily activities of a lawyer in one semester than I had my entire college career prior to that point. I was able to complete research, draft documents and attend mediations and meetings for multiple cases, which offered me a very useful and realistic perspective.

While the internship itself really motivated me to pursue my passion for law, my growth as an intellectual entrepreneur showed me that I would personally prefer a more indirect approach. Sitting in IE meetings and listening to other interns discuss their different areas of interest, I decided that before I went to law school I wanted to use the knowledge that I had already developed to contribute to something greater than myself. As a result, I chose to apply for a movement that I supported and strongly believed in, Teach For America.

Since receiving acceptance into the Teach for America program I have been placed in Memphis, TN teaching algebra at an amazing inner city high school that focuses on communication and public service. And, while law school is still a definite part of my future, teaching is my present focus. I realized that the law will always be there and it can wait, but change is desperately needed now. It has been less than three months since my college graduation and I can already clearly see the monumental gains that we can make as educated, innovative and socially responsible individuals.

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