Social Work Graduate Student Meghann Leigh Flynn

Meghann Flynn on right"The IE Mentorship program was a valuable experience in many ways. I was reminded how overwhelming finishing undergraduate education, tackling graduate school applications, and deciding upon career paths can be. The twenties are such an important time for discovery. With almost ten years of age between us, I was able to offer my IE intern Shannon a different viewpoint as a result of my varied experiences, yet remain connected to hers. Conversely, Shannon was able to offer me a different viewpoint as well. Through conversations and reflections, I was able to see her development and growth in the field of Social Work-and my own at the same time. Most amazing is knowing that Shannon's heart and mind already are aligned with her passionate career goals, and at such an early time in her life. This is inspiring. Shannon and I plan to stay in touch after the IE program ends. Shannon was asked by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to attend trainings and lead a support group, as well as an educational class, for family members with loved ones experiencing a mental illness. We will reverse roles and Shannon will impart her expanding knowledge to me; I now will begin to learn from her experiences. No longer an undergraduate versus graduate relationship, Shannon and I are on track to becoming colleagues as future Social Workers."