Eric Matsumoto, Civil Engineering Ph.D. (2000)

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Eric's comments
about the PFF program appear in ALCALDE

Eric MatsumotoNothing could be more valuable to a future engineering faculty member than a prolonged period of time to consider, actively discuss, and in some measure participate in engineering education prior to entering academia. The PFF internship provided me such an opportunity. Not only was I able to view a teaching-oriented program as a veritable insider, but I was also placed in an environment that enabled me to carefully consider and develop my own teaching philosophy and approach under the guidance of an experienced engineering educator. Based on my PFF experience, I undoubtedly had a better understanding of academia, was better equipped for teaching, and had much more confidence in interviewing for academic positions at teaching-oriented instititutions.

During one campus interview, PFF became the topic of conversation at lunch time. With a PFF internship to my credit, no one questioned the seriousness of my commitment to academic or teaching. Most faculty members were surprised to find out that such a program existed and were delighted that I had such experience. I believe that the PFF internship provides a win-win situation for doctoral students and the institutions that hire these students.