Pharmacy Doctoral Student Marc Fleming

Marc FlemingMy experience with Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) is one that I will forever cherish. I have been a teaching assistant in the College of Pharmacy for four years, so teaching and advising students was very familiar for me. However, this experience was quite unique for me in the sense that I worked with my student similarly to how an advising or major professor would work with a student. This was particularly important for me because my plans following graduate school are to enter into academia. This experience has given me even more insight into what is required to guide a graduate student through their learning process, while managing your own research and commitments.

I met with my intern every week throughout the semester. My approach was to walk her through the process of conducting a literature review for a research project. She was required to select articles and create a table as if conducting a systematic review. My intern also attended one of the weekly Seminar presentations held in my division within the College of Pharmacy. Additionally, my intern is currently assisting me with an abstract submission for presentation at an upcoming conference. Lastly, my intern and I will be attending the American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting in March 2010.

My intern has gained valuable experience regarding the type of research performed in the Pharmacy Administration Division of the College of Pharmacy. Pharmacy students are faced with a multitude of options once they have graduated. They must decide between working, entering residency training or continuing on to graduate school. I am confident that my intern now understands the research and career opportunities associated with continuing her pharmacy education. Furthermore, by participating in the IE program, my intern has the necessary experiences and information to help her determine whether she would like to pursue graduate education.

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