Geological Sciences Senior Mead Turner

Mead Turner From what I gathered throughout the semester, graduate study, at least in the sciences, is a tedious time consuming process. Some of the graduate students that I talked with told me that an average day for them is getting to school at eight in the morning and not leaving until 9 or so at night. I realized that graduate school is just not for me at this time in my life. Who knows, maybe I will go out into the real world, outside of academia, and decide that I want to come back to school. I just don't have the same vigor, as most of the other interns, to continue my education in academia. Instead I want to continue my education by doing things out in the real world.

My next step is to research Road Trip Nation as well as to fine tune my resume for the different jobs I am going to apply to. It's a good thing that I took this course because if I had not, I probably would have taken the GRE already and applied to grad school, just to find out that it's not for me at least for now.