Corporate Communication Senior Michael Kneeland

Michael KneelandThe IE course is a fantastic program for all students interested in graduate school, regardless of major, because of the flexibility to mold the coursework around each student's academic interests in many different career fields. Without any doubt, my IE experience has confirmed my passion for communication and relationships, with an emphasis in the work setting. Whether a student is looking to experience what research and dissertations are about or how to write a personal statement, the IE program is the best pipeline of information for graduate school.

UPDATE (2011): "I was in the IE program fall 2006 as a Dec '06 graduate of Corporate Communication. The IE program allowed me to shift my focus from merely midterm/exam cram to really applying my knowledge base to practical settings, notably analytics. I think too often grad school is used as a buzz word for undergrads aiming to superficially hang from lofty goals without really knowing what graduate education means. And, as a current grad student, I can say that the work I did in helping Felipe (my IE Mentor) with his dissertation research was a great platform for me to decide that an advanced "applied" degree was definitely in reach.

I'm doing an MHA (healthcare administration) at UNC-Chapel Hill. I love it! My plans are to go into health informatics with a focus on cross-collaborative diagnostics to bridge the communication gaps and "silos" that overwhelm healthcare today. I'm currently working as an administrative intern at Johns Hopkins, focusing on operational efficiency and a myriad of other process-based projects."