Speech Language Pathology Student Michelle Horstmann

Michelle Horstmann I enjoyed the freeness of the IE program. The fall of my senior year I was unsure of what I wanted to study in graduate school: speech language pathology or deaf education. My internship allowed me to be mentored by Dr. Bernstein, work at the Educational Resource Center on Deafness, work with a graduate student in the Speech and Hearing Sciences Department and observe therapy, and volunteer at the Capitol School of Austin. I was able to obtain all my needed observation hours for grad school and make contacts in the professional world. I ultimately chose speech language pathology and haven't looked back since. I'm completing my final externship here in Austin in association with the University of North Texas at the Texas NeuroRehab Center.

The IE program allowed me to face my fear of grad school. I was thrust into many situation which tested my passion for either career. Without the IE program, I would have felt lost in my decision. Instead, I was guided and nurtured under wonderful mentors.