Pharmacy Graduate Student Karla Maria Cruz

I met my mentee by coincidence and chance at a local volunteer clinic. Not knowing who she was or the complete details of the mentorship program, I accepted to be her mentor. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a life-changing journey.

My mentee followed me to Pharmacotherapy classes, Clinical Toxicology classes, and pharmacy organization meetings. We even had the opportunity to attend the Student National Pharmaceutical Association Regional Meeting in Columbus, Ohio. At the regional meeting, we participated in educational training programs and proposal of by-law resolutions.

Being a mentor, I have developed leadership and nurturing skills that I did not know were in me. I had the opportunity to be a role model and help someone else develop a profound interest in the career that I am so passionate about. I was able to introduce her to the close-knit and welcoming environment of the University of Texas College of Pharmacy. I was able to introduce her to my world as a graduate student.

I believe the IE Pre-Graduate School internship provides undergraduate students with an invaluable opportunity to explore beyond the walls of an undergraduate classroom. It allows for growth as a scholar and networking in the busy world of pharmacy. It was a great experience to be a mentor and participate in a program that focuses on expanding an undergraduate's horizons.