Psychology Pre-Grad Intern Kameke Brown

Kameke BrownFirst generation Pre Grad intern Kameke Brown explains how IE enabled her to move more efficiently and quickly though her undergraduate education:

"I recently graduated in May and was a Plan II and psychology major. IE was central to helping me move much more quickly through my undergraduate career. This is due to the fact that it helped me to clarify my goals and the steps necessary to attain them. Prior to the program I was skeptical about the career path I had chosen and the courses I was taking to get there. As a result, I was enrolling in a lot of additional coursework as a safeguard just in case psychology didn't ultimately work out. I was also hoping that maybe I would find something that would spark my interest and lead me down a different career path. An understanding of life as a graduate student was a big part of my skepticism about psychology. I was unsure of what exactly it would entail and whether or not I'd be able to endure it. Through IE I was able to experience the life of a graduate student more directly and to gain insight into their daily lives, take part in research, and regularly interact with graduate students and faculty members. My mentor helped me to gain clarity about my goals and to guide me down the most efficient path to graduating and successfully achieving those goals. I doubt that I would have moved through my undergraduate career with the same sense of focused direction had it not been for the IE program."