Visual Arts Pre Grad Intern Julia Caswell

Julia Caswell“The IE program has played a major role in my research, interests and learning. This summer I designed, implemented, and studied the engagement of an audio walk during public programming at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York, New York. While interning, I came up with this idea, fitting the needs of the curators, administrators and art educators at the museum.

If you are thinking about going to Graduate School, you should take advantage of this program. The internship is what you make it. IE provided me with a space to grow. My graduate mentor, Allison Clark, worked with me on a multi-directional mentorship that engaged my passions. We crafted a syllabus, I shadowed her graduate courses and we had a conversation in her office once a week. I was already busy so I didn't have the time to explore my passions. The objectives I came up with were directly related to my passions. I wanted to learn about graduate school in general, as well as relevant research methodologies and professional development. Through this learning I was able to pursue the research that I am now competing in the university wide Texas Undergraduate Student Research Showdown. I hope that people will watch this video and feel inspired to do more with their passions.”

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