History Graduate Student Jessica Werneke

Jessica WernekeWorking with Lindsey, my pre-grad intern, was a rewarding experience that I would certainly recommend. The IE Pre-Grad Internship program offers graduate students an opportunity to show undergrad students what is expected of them in graduate school, including the types of reading, research, and writing that comprise the majority of our work.

During our internship, Lindsey and I did bi-weekly readings and reviews of a number of different historical texts, many of which addressed complicated theoretical and historigraphical debates. Lindsey tackled these questions with energy and determination, and her writing certainly showed improvement by the end of the semester. Meeting during my office hours, we discussed these issues at great length, and Lindsey has certainly shown that she would be a capable and valuable student to a history graduate program.

Graduate school is markedly different from undergraduate school, in both student life and academic expectations. The IE Pre-grad Internship program offers students the chance to practice their writing, reading, and research skills, and would certainly be worthwhile for any undergraduate or graduate student interested in furthering their scholarly education.