Journalism Senior (and LBJ School of Public Affairs Pre-Grad Intern)
Jessica Eaglin

Jessica EaglinI have enjoyed my experience in this mentorship with Dr. Howard Prince. I learned invaluable lessons in leadership. Dr. Prince was a responsive and compassionate mentor. He was very knowledgeable about leadership as he is the Director for the Center for Ethical Leadership at the LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Dr. Prince and I sat down at the beginning of this internship with a question; "What role does ethics play in today's political practices?" I read books, researched articles and even picked apart leadership theories to find a definitive answer to the daunting question. It was not, however, until I began working at the Capitol during the 80th regular legislative session that I began to discern ethical political leadership and political leadership in practice. I learned a lot about the processes of government.

This fundamental understanding was key in evaluating the structure of government and how it influences the potential for unethical political behavior. Additionally, I examined the ethics of The Politician. I assessed my boss' character, ethical practices and standards. My final analysis on ethics and politics takes a brief look into how the structure of government is partially responsible for the common unethical practices of political leaders. I also take an in depth look at the character of one particular politician and use this to juxtapose The Politician of ideal character. My findings were astounding and my experience was indeed like no other.

Dr. Rick Cherwitz and the Intellectual Entrepreneurship program enabled me to dedicate a portion of my studies to developing a relationship with a mentor within a graduate school of my interest while enhancing my preparedness for graduate study in leadership and politics. Overall, this mentorship has solidified my interest in obtaining a M.P. Aff from the LBJ School of Public Affairs in the near future. It has also motivated me to study leadership in graduate school and inspired me to lead ethically as a future politician. In fact, I am enrolling in University of San Diego's Master of Arts in Leadership Studies program with a specialization in political leadership. I anticipate obtaining my M.P.Aff afterwards.