Psychology Doctoral Student John Dennis

John DennisMy intern (Jesus Correa) and I met every week to talk about Jesus' research project. His work is not directly related to mine and this was particularly enlightening for me. I helped Jesus create financially possible career options: we narrowed down graduate school choices based on numerous factors during weeks of discussion; we searched for and applied for scholarships/fellowships; we revised and revised and revised a statement of purpose; and we worked on applications for paid summer internship programs at six universities.

I provided advice on strengthening research in order for Jesus to gain experience. The internship allowed Jesus to learn what he loves and to increase his chances of gaining acceptance to the top graduate research programs. In addition, we set up timetables and deadlines for the next 18 months prior to Jesus' applying for MD/PhD programs. I also offered general advice regarding class selections for strengthening his graduate applications.

One result of this internship is that Jesus was accepted into the Psychology Department's Honors Program and invited to join the Jones lab.