Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Student Juan Carrillo

Juan CarrilloThe IE Pre-Grad Internship was a worthwhile experience for me as a mentor and my mentee who I have known for a few years. Among many other things, we attended a major academic conference, worked and discussed how to publish books and journal articles, we had a rich discussions on graduate school through some readings that we mutually selected, and I brought her in into "my world" as a PhD student by showing and explaining to her how I manage my time and work.

Jennifer also grew in the way she raised questions about research. Although this was not a methods class, she began to connect her undergraduate coursework to graduate level methodology issues. We discussed at length the different ways research questions are produced and how scholars of color have provided new and invigorating perspectives to traditional research tropes.

I sense now that Jennifer has new focus and purpose. She is a gifted student that often complained about her "boring" non-critical coursework. Through the IE program she was able to tap into a space that challenges her to seek new pathways and opportunities. The future looks bright and I am honored to have had the chance to make a contribution to this end.