MPA Graduate Student Wm. Jamil Assaf

William AssafWorking with Christina Grigalis as a mentor in the IE Pre-Grad Internship program was a surprising and interesting experience. By sharing my experiences that I have had at The University of Texas at Austin, I have been able to reflect and learn from my own experiences, perhaps in a manner that I would not have otherwise. Chrissy's inquisitive questions, ponderings and observations of the graduate accounting program, its requirements and the application process have given both of us a unique insight into the program.

The IE program gave Chrissy the rare opportunity to delve into our program through a means that is otherwise difficult to attain. She had several meetings with the program director regarding her specific interests in the program, business in general and accounting specifically. Further, Chrissy met with the admissions manager, Keri Ledezma, and was able to formulate specific steps that will prepare Chissy to be an exemplary candidate for our program at UT.

Overall I believe that this experience was rewarding for both Chrissy and myself individually and as a pair. We learned about each other and our individual experiences and grew a friendship in the process.