MBA Graduate Student Whitney Hamnett-Pirkle

Whitney Hamnett-Pirkle"Jenny and I were pleasantly surprised to discover that the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Graduate Mentorship Program cultivated a reciprocal learning relationship between us. As a graduate mentor from the Texas Evening MBA Program, I hoped to provide Jenny with an honest perspective of the incredible and challenging life of a working professional graduate student. We designed an experiential plan to enrich her academic experience and personal development beyond the classroom. In addition to meetings, classroom visits, and reviewing internships aligned with Jenny's aspirations, we partnered in various community projects. As Student Chair of the McCombs Admissions Committee, I meet with many motivated, potential students throughout the year to discuss "a day in the life of an MBA student." The IE Mentorship Program enriches this dialogue. Overall, I was able to give Jenny access to the breadth of the MBA experience. In turn, she reinvigorated my journey toward Graduation Day 2013."