Nursing Doctoral Student Henry Guevara

Henry GuevaraI had the honor of being a mentor in the IE Pre-Grad Internship to an undergraduate student, Kimberly Kresta. Since Kimberly was working at the School of Nursing research lab for Dr. Eun-OkIm, there was an automatic transfer of knowledge from her lab skills and proficiencies to the learning about the research process. Kimberly demonstrated a great deal of interest in helping to develop a scientific poster for the Center for Health Promotion Research (CHPR) conference (at the School of Nursing).

With a minimal amount of direction, Kimberly was able to develop an abstract for the conference. Her excitement grew as she was notified that she had been accepted for a scientific poster presentation at the CHPR conference. She was able to fully develop the content for the poster and successfully presented the poster at the conference.

At this time, she has met with the Graduate Advisor for the School of Nursing and is considering applying for the alternate PhD program in Nursing.