Law Pre Grad Intern Evelin Caro Gutz


Evelin Caro Gutz
“Six years ago when I arrived in the United States, I would have never imagined I would be admitted to the best law school in the country. I never thought this would be an option for someone like me. My journey here, however, hasn’t been easy. I was born in Cuba and was raised by a single mother. I was often mocked and told that people like me don’t make it in this country. But here I am today about to attend Yale Law School, the same institution where the first Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the Clinton’s graduated.

I participated in the IE program as a sophomore; this was an important part of my journey, enabling me to make my dream come true. My mentor Tyler Ames was extremely helpful, showing me what the everyday life of a law student is like. Thanks to him and the IE program, I learned that attending law school was a reachable goal. I am thankful for all the resources I was able to access through IE. For everyone out here thinking they are not good enough, take my story as a testament that with hard work and drive, anything is possible!”