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ORDER (On Recent Discoveries by Emory Researchers)

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Emory University chemists build an academic program founded upon the principles of and mirroring UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE):

"These public outreach approaches inspire the same qualities of curiosity, exploration, and creativity foundational to progress and innovation in research, and encourage renewed engagement in education. In this way, science and art become autocatalytic, where "art as a way of knowing" is coupled with "science as a way of thinking". The mission of the university is not just to educate beyond its borders, but also to focus on its community, vertically throughout the student and mentor hierarchy. How then do we capture participation across all learners, regardless of their preferred learning style, to foster and empower intellectual entrepreneurship? ORDER (On Recent Discoveries by Emory Researchers), initially funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professorship and now fully supported by Emory University, explores nature's inherent order across all academic disciplines." [Jay T. Goodwin and David G., "Holistic Education in Times of Specialization and Globalization," Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume 53, Issue 19, May 19, 2014]