Music and Human Learning Graduate Student Elisabeth Marie Graham

Elisabeth Graham"As a graduate student in the Music and Human Learning program and a teacher with the UT String Project, I was able to give my intern hands-on teaching experience with students of all ages and in multiple different settings. He worked with violin and viola students ages 5-13 at all different skill levels as well as group classes for beginning and intermediate students. These were his first experiences as a music teacher and I was able to prepare and help guide him through his first lessons and classes. I learned quite a bit as I prepped him for his lessons and then debriefed with him afterward. Also, I think it was valuable for him to have the support of both his faculty advisor and graduate mentor during his first teaching experiences, particularly because the experiences were so varied. I am confident that as a result of his internship, he has started his teaching career going in the right direction and is poised to continue to grow and mature as a violin and viola instructor."