Pharmacy (Neuroscience) Doctoral Student Deena Walker

Deena WalkerMy role as an IE Pre-Grad mentor in the fall of '07 was an incredibly rewarding experience. I have mentored numerous students before but this was my first time working with a student who is just beginning their college career. Usually the students I work with have already determined what they want to do with their future and how to make it work. This was not the case during this internship. I found myself explaining the process of pursuing a graduate/advanced degree rather than teaching new techniques. This was helpful to me because it made me think about my own process and gave me insight into why I chose this path for myself. His motivation and interest in my work served to ignite my passion for my graduate project. He asked great questions that made me think and brought a perspective that I had not gotten from many undergraduates I have worked with. Additionally, his enthusiasm for lab work and science has earned him a permanent place in our lab. I look forward to working with him throughout his college career and am excited to see where his undergraduate work takes him.

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