IE Natural Sciences Dean's Scholars Seminar

Computer Sciences senior Christopher Clark

Chris Clark"A conceptual divide has wedged itself between academia and the rest of society. The average citizen is often unaware and uncaring of the problems tackled by university researchers, and these researchers often care little about impacting society outside of their 'ivory tower.' Based on my experience in NSC 110 (Dean's Scholar Seminar) and our exploration of Intellectual Entrepreneurship, I hve come to believe that academia has disconnected itself from the reset of society primarily because of the pressure to hyper-specialize. A traditional disdain for generalists, and tenure granting procedures that undervalue group effort, have trained university researchers to work alone and stay within their narrow and arcane specialties. Read more.

Contemplating the IE philosophy has shown me the changing nature of the academic world and how it will continue to change. By providing insight into the skills necessary to conduct research in these rapidly changing times, I am better prepared for my role as an innovator and knowledge-seeker."

Clark's essay for NSC 110 was published as an op-ed in the Austin American-Statesman.

Student work in NSC 110 was also spotlighted in The Scientist.