Southwestern University Upward Bound Student and IE/LBJ Intern
Darlene Thompson

Darlene ThompsonOverall, the experience of having a mentor through the IE Pre-Graduate School Internship program and the opportunity to go to the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas was insightful and gave me the opportunity to see what is beyond my own environment and further allows me to dream big and accomplish my goals.

Another equally important benefit that I received from this experience is inspiration. I will be able to better adapt to the graduate program that I attend in the future and will be able to meet my fellow peers with the same aspirations. In addition, by participating in activities and classes, I gained knowledge. This knowledge will propel me to become a successful student in the future. Simply, I will be able to take this knowledge with me wherever I go.

Most importantly, the knowledge gained from this experience will instill in me the confidence I need to use and sharpen my own strengths to succeed in a graduate program and make a difference not only in my academic career but also in my community. In addition, this experience has encouraged me to apply to internships and volunteer programs in Washington DC including the Council for Opportunity in Education's National Student Leadership Congress Program and CPL's New Leaders Program.

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