Chelsea JonesEducational Psychology Pre Grad Intern Chelsea Jones

The Pre-Graduate School Internship has been an amazing experience for me this semester. My mentor [who previously was an IE Pre Grad intern] and I have both grown from our relationship and have both truly benefited from the opportunity to work together. My mentor specializes in the area of counseling psychology, and uses her classroom experience as a way to enrich our sessions together. We used the first half of our weekly meetings to practice de-stressing methods as well as techniques that have helped me gain focus.

IE helped me to connect with someone who was traveling down the same path that I plan to take. What was unique about my IE experience was that my mentor came from a similar background and understood what personal dilemmas I may face during the grad school journey. She helped me to overcome my fears and begin preparing for the next chapter in my life. IE is an exemplary mentorship program and helped me get a good footing in the grad school process.

Lorena (my mentor) has been a beacon of hope for me this semester. It was a challenge taking 18 hours of coursework and trying to enjoy all that the spring semester offers, but having Lorena in my corner was the most beneficial part. She has mentored me through graduate school preparation, but also through life challenges and changes. She has shown me the true meaning of mentorship and advising, embodying what you preach to others. In my investigation of the life of a graduate student, I've learned that it is not about the end goal, but about the process it takes to get there. Lorena has also faced challenges, transitions and a variety of life changes this semester. She gracefully took me along for the ride, and showed me how to maintain your academics despite still having an adult life to attend to. Lorena's personal story is one that resonates with me. As we are both first generation, low socio-economic status students from inner city Dallas, we both know what it is like to venture out to a university like this. She has revealed to me that despite our backgrounds. We can achieve whatever it is that we want to, if we stay dedicated to that cause, even when it is difficult to do so. I thank Lorena and the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Internship for giving me this opportunity.