Foreign Language Education (Applied Linguistics) Doctoral Candidate
Brandi DeMont

I initially decided to participate in the IE Pre-Grad Internship program with my focus entirely on the student I wanted to work with. I knew she had considered graduate school, but she did not know in precisely what field. So, I thought the program would be a great way for her to explore her interests in this regard.

What I was not expecting was that I would have learned so much throughout the process. The IE program allows a graduate student mentor to play the roll that a tenure-track professor might assume. In discussing specific research areas as hypothetical research projects, in browsing my own collection of literature as reading material for my student, and in listening closely to my student's interests and ideas, I realized that I was practicing the roll that I would eventually play as a faculty member.

The IE Pre-Grad Internship program is invaluable for the intern and the graduate mentor both. I highly recommend it to any graduate student who is considering an academic career.