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The Austin Women's Commemorative Project

The Project in Interpreting the Past has been awarded a $10,000 Consultation Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue planning for an Austin women's history trail. Consultants from the United States and Canada, together with faculty from the University of Texas, women's historians, local history experts and public artists will gather together for a series of presentations and brainstorming sessions over a two day period to develop ideas for monuments and other artistic displays highlighting the contributions of women to the Austin past. The Austin Women's Commemorative Project hopes to identify six women for a major commemorative monument, and to plan a series of smaller commemorative pieces to local women who made a difference in their communities. The grant was authored by Dr. Martha Norkunas, Head of the Project in Interpreting the Texas Past, with the assistance of Dr. Rick Cherwitz, Founder of the Graduate School's Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program (IE), Ann Buckun (Anthropology) and Dr. Janet Staiger, Director of Women's Studies. All presentations and planning sessions will be open to the public. Interpreting the Texas Past and Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program receive the 2000-2001 Woodrow Wilson Innovation Award