From the June 2006 Arizona Board of Regents Meeting

"The university has been focusing on the hiring of intellectual entrepreneurs. I mean intellectual entrepreneurs in the general sense. It doesn't mean the venture capital sense. It means in the sense of people who are creative risk takers. The university has been hiring these people as deans, it has been hiring these people as faculty, it has been hiring these people as administrators. It is about to launch and has just secured $10M in private support for a "University as Entrepreneur" initiative, where the university works to build an entrepreneurial thread through all of the schools, in nursing, in design. Not just in business and engineering where this sort of entrepreneurial spirit tends to concentrate, but throughout the entire institution, education, everywhere. The university has been changing its relationships with legislators and"donors" which the university now refers to as investors. It has been doing that as a way of changing the design of the relationship that it has with people. It has been doing all these things in a way that helps to move to this path of enterprise."