Law School Mentor Angela Prince

Angela PrinceAs a second year law student and a mentor with the IE Pre-Graduate School Internship program, I had the unique opportunity to share my graduate education experience with my undergraduate mentee, Maureen Ufomadu. Every other week throughout the semester, my mentee attended my Constitutional Law II: Race and Sex in the Constitution class. Maureen, a Psychology and African & African American Studies double major, was particularly interested in the class. It allowed her the opportunity to expand her knowledge of the role of race in our society and learn about the impact of race and sex in the legal system. Additionally, she was able to experience first-hand the law school culture and the inner-workings of a law class. Maureen infused herself in the law school culture by occasionally contributing to class discussions and by interviewing my Constitutional law II professor to gain more insight into the study and practice of law.

I believe the most beneficial part of the internship, for me and Maureen, was discussing the law school application process and the transition to law school. Studying for law school exams is much different than studying for undergraduate exams, as there is generally a single exam in each class that tests your comprehension of the entire semester's material. Upon entering law school, I was unaware of how to study for class and prepare for exams. I had to learn through trial and error. This is a common experience for first-generation college students or students with family or associates who have no graduate school experience. The IE Pre-Graduate School Internship program allowed me the opportunity to share study strategies and survival techniques with Maureen that I wish I had been privy to my first year of law school.

It was fulfilling for me to share my knowledge and experience with Maureen. She gained a lot of insight into what her life as a law student would be like and what she can do to make sure she is successful once she gets here. Though the semester has ended, our relationship continues. Maureen and I still discuss the law school admissions process and exchange text messages to keep in touch. This was truly a rewarding experience for me as a mentor, and I would gladly embark on this opportunity again!

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Update (8/1/15):

"It is exciting to hear about the awesome accomplishments of the IE program, particularly that at least 6 IE students have been admitted to and will begin UT Law in the fall. Several years ago, I was one such student. As an IE intern, I was able to observe UT law classes and learn about law school from my mentor. This experience confirmed my interest in and helped me gain confidence that I could successfully complete law school. My IE mentor gave me a very good idea of what to expect during law school and the resources available to help me succeed while there. IE helped me to smoothly transition from undergraduate studies to law school.

After graduating UT Law, I clerked for a federal judge in the Northern District of Texas and am now practicing employment law for a reputable firm in Houston, Texas. During the past five years, my law career has been both challenging and rewarding. I am thankful to IE for helping me make a great education decision and career choice!"