Musicology/Ethnomusicology Senior Andrew Smith

Andrew SmithThe Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Grad Internship was an excellent opportunity for me as an undergraduate student to explore and give myself a responsibility that I hadn't had as an undergrad here at UT. First and foremost it was an opportunity to become more personal with an individual within the discipline I was interested in, which is Musicology, and even further to be able to explore a world that was unknown to me at the time and really grow to admire and appreciate the discipline for which I would eventually become very involved with.

I think that what I've taken most from that experience is actually the relationship that I gained with my mentor while working in the project that we were working on. I never really thought that a Teaching Assistant could turn into a such a vital asset to my entire collegial education but, from the one experience I had with her from working in solely this project, I developed not only a true companion and friend but even more importantly, someone I can go to in any matter, academic and personal- which has always just been a great asset to me, especially as I get closer and close to graduation.

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