Theater & Dance Senior Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro RodriguezI was considering graduate school but I was not very familiar with the process ... I just knew I wanted to go. So I signed up ...and the experience has been absolutely wonderful. The opportunity to research graduate programs with a mentor, the networking in and of itself is invaluable. I have been in contact with professors, I have been in contact with performance artists - with major performance artists and with PhDs here at the university. I don't think there is another experience that could have taught me more about graduate school than this program.

I learned invaluable things about what it is to want to be in grad school, how important it is to hone your skills, to know where it is you want to go.

My parents are Mexican immigrants and so I didn't have much experience getting into College in the first place and much less Grad school. And this allowed me the opportunity to really know what I was going to be, really research good grad schools, what to look for in a grad school and again the networking ... you can't get anywhere if you don't know people, if you don't know who you should get in touch with - and I worked on my resume, personal statements...

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Alejandro's experience is featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education.