Speech-Language Pathology Pre Grad Intern
Aislynn Christine Fulton

Aislynn Fulton"My motivation for wanting to do well in school stems from wanting to help other people. My ultimate goal is to pursue a career as a researcher and clinician in the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders--Speech-Language Pathology. Why research? I want to help therapists all over the world improve the lives of their own patients, by publishing cutting-edge, clinically-relevant research.

Just two months ago, I thought these long-term goals of mine were lofty. I didn't think I was cut-out for research or graduate school. However, the IE Pre Grad school internship has opened up amazing opportunities to me--to accomplish things I never thought possible in my undergraduate career...or lifetime for that matter. It's been a lot of hard work -- reading and analyzing academic articles, writing and drafting research literature, creating experimental paradigms, communicating research ideas to others, etc. -- but well worth it -- without a doubt.

This summer, I will be presenting in Madison, Wisconsin at the Research Symposium on Child Language Disorders -- as I am head-author and co-author on two studies examining bilingual language development. The IE Program is funding this trip for me and my mentor -- providing us with generous travel grant awards. I've also been appointed project manager for another study examining bilinguals and am now working on my Undergraduate Thesis--which will be completed in May of 2015.

I truly believe these wonderful experiences in IE, thus far, helped me earn this competitive scholarship award from the Coca-Cola Foundation and Hispanic Scholarship Fund--for first generation college students. It really is an amazing feeling to accomplish things you never thought possible half-a-year ago."

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