Law Pre Grad Intern Adiah Oreyomi

Adiah Oreyomi"The IE Internship was a great help and experience for me for various reasons. Through this internship I was able to meet an excellent University of Texas 3L mentor by the name of Erin who introduced me to the university's law school. I attended classes with her as well as law clubs and I was able to participate in a law school mock trial. Through Erin, I was given the opportunity to explore the law school and the programs it offered. I gained insight along with knowledge of what her best and worst experiences were as a law student as well as knowledge of what expectations I should for law school. She was also generous enough to share some of her regrets and mistakes with me, things I have kept in mind to avoid.

Through this program I was also able to gain entrance to an internship with at former University of Texas Law school graduate's law firm. I was able to work directly with Aurora and be a participant of her day to day experience as a lawyer. The opportunity of working in a law firm solidified my resolve to become a lawyer because for some time I was somewhat unsure if that was the best path to take, but when I became involved with UT Austin's law school through Erin and began working with Aurora in her law firm, I knew that this was the career path for me. Though I had been on the track of taking classes that focused on the field of law I was most interested in, I learned through Aurora and Erin that I should also venture out and see if there was anything I would like in addition to what I already did. This advice helped me find other interests that I believe have helped me become well rounded.

The greatest reward that I gained from the IE internship is the understanding that I can do more things with my time and that I could do those things well. Before this internship I was hearing from many people that I should take it easy when it came to course loads, enjoy college and have fun. Well that is good and well for some people but after trying that for a semester I saw that was not what I wanted. I resolved within myself to finish school early and to not just only apply myself to school. I would volunteer my time while in school and get a job or two or three. And that is what I did! I graduated in three years, completed two internships, and am currently working on one, worked several jobs, volunteered and still maintained a good GPA. I truly believe that the IE Program and the people it allowed me to meet are greatest influences that motivated me to accomplish my goals. I truly am forever grateful to this program because it allowed me to get a tremendous leap start over my peers in terms of work experiences, certifications and activities and references that have built up my resume. I know I would not have been able to receive these opportunities without this program. "