Sample Dissertation Proposals

Doctoral Student Dissertation Title Area/Methodology Graduate Program
Arts and Humanities
Shannon Baley Towards a Gestic Feminist Dramaturgy Close Reading, Description, Performative Writing, Performance Ethnography Theatre
Maria Lane Geographic Representations of the Planet Mars, 1867-1907 Historical Analysis of Archival and Published Materials Geography
Angela Aguayo Documentary Film and Social Change: A Rhetorical Investigation of Dissent Multi-method Approach: Interviews, Analysis of Texts, Analysis of Historical Artifacts, and Analysis of Data Distribution Patterns Communication
Dimitri Nakassis Individuals and the state in Late Bronze Age Greece: Messenian perspectives on Mycenaean society The subject matter falls in "Arts and Humanities" but the guiding theoretical apparatus is based on "Qualitative Social Science" Classics
Dan Sharp The Impact of Folkloric Tourism on the Traditional Musical Style Coco in Pernambuco, Brazil Qualitative Social Science: Participant Observation, Recorded Interviews, Archival Research, Analysis of Musical Performance Practice Ethnomusicology
Phil Tiemeyer Manhood Up in the Air: A Study of Male Flight Attendants, Queerness, and Corporate Capitalism during the Cold War Era Archival American Studies
Karline McLain Whose Immortal Picture Stories?: Amar Chitra Katha and the Construction of Indian Identities Textual Analysis, Ethnographic Interviews, Analysis of Production Processes Asian Studies
David Hildebrand Undercutting the Realism-Irrealism Debate: John Dewey and the Neo-Pragmatists Philosophical Analysis Philosophy
Social Science
Caroline C. Sullivan Engaging with Socioconstructivism: Social Studies Preservice Teachers Learning and Using Historical Thinking in Contemporary Classrooms Qualitative Case Study Curriculum and Instruction, degree program - Curriculum Studies
Gita Gidwani Mirchandani The Effect of Franchising Rural Private Practitioners in India on Quality of Care - A Sustainable Approach? Quantitative; ANOVA Multiple Linear Regression Model (OLS) Public Health
(Johns Hopkins)
Lisa C. Kaczmarczy The Acquisition of Intellectual Expertise: A Computational Model Experimental Interdisciplinary
Ralf Brand The Ulysses Approach to Sustainable Development Qualitative: Naturalistic Inquiry Community & Regional Planning
Tracie Harrison Aging Among Women with Disabilities Hermeneutic Phenomenology Nursing
Tamara Davis Viability of Concept Mapping for Assessign Cultural Competence in Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health: A Comparison of Theoretical and Community Conceptualizations Mixed-Method (Qualitative/Quantitative) Social Work
Patti Giuffre Dissertation Proposal Quantitative and Qualitative Sociology
Meghan McGlohen The Application of a Cognitive Diagnosis Model via an Analysis of a Large-Scale Assessment and a Computerized Adaptive Testing Administration Quantitative: Optimizing Computerized Adaptive Testing Educational Psychology
Arie Stavchansky Knowledge of Digital Video Manipulation Techniques and its Effect on the Perceived Credibility of Television News Media Effects / Experimental Design Radio-Television-Film

Fu-An Lin

Knowledge Base of English as a Second Language Teachers

Qualitative multiple-case study Foreign Language Education
Joanne Williams

Higher Education Faculty: Satisfaction with Online Teaching

Qualitative: Naturalistic Research, Constructivist, Interview-based Curriculum and Instruction (Instructional Technology)
Brenda Vaughan Architectural Expression: The Genesis of Building Excellence Architecture and Campus Planning/Interactive Qualitative Analysis Higher Education Administration
Paul Toprac The Effects of a Problem Based Learnng Digital Game on Continuing Motivation to Learn Science A mixed-methods, design-based research study Science Education
Science and Engineering
Matthew G. Green An Empirical Study of Product Functional Families: Analyzing Key Performance Metric Trends to Derive Actionable Design Insights Science and Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Barbara Doucet High vs. Low Electrical Stimulation Frequencies for Motor Recovery in Hemiplegia Clinical Application Kinesiology
Wendy Gordon Role of the Hydrologic Cycle in Vegetation Response to Climate Change: An Analysis Using VEMAP Phase 2 Model Experiments Science and Engineering Integrative Biology
Mary J. Cooke Reconstructing Central Texas Holocene Soil Erosion and Climate Using Carbon, Oxygen and Strontium Isotopes Science and Engineering Geological Sciences
Milos Milosevic Optimal Time Domain Equalization Design for Maximizing Data Rate of Discrete Multi-Tone Systems Science and Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering
Marcus Hilliard A Predictive Model for Aqueous Potassium Carbonate/Piperazine/Ethanolamine for Carbon Dioxide Removal from Flue Gas thermodynamics/modeling Chemical Engineering
Rachelle Adams Unraveling the Origins of Social Parasitism in Megalomyrmex Ants Integrative approach of phylogenetics and behavioral ecology techniques Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior