Electrical & Computer Engineering (Energy Systems) Graduate Student Shyaam Raman

Shyaam RamanThrough the IE Pre-Grad Internship, I had regular advising sessions for my mentee and advised him on the various courses and software tools that he needed in order to equip himself well for a full time job in his area of specialization. I also allowed my mentee to attend some of my graduate level classes which coincided with his area of interest--so as to give him a general overview of graduate course work.

Being a TA for the Physics lab, I also had my mentee attend a few of my teaching sessions so that he could observe the various effective teaching techniques I use to convey concepts to my students. Moreover, I my mentee had the chance to grade some of the quizzes I assigned to my physics students so as to give him idea of the grading process and how grading varies for different students in a class.

Overall, the IE internship has been a rewarding experience and I look forward to doing this mentorship program again next fall.