Pharmacology & Toxicology Doctoral Student Manoranjan D'Souza

Manoranjan D'SouzaAt the outset I want to congratulate the IE pre-graduate internship program and all those involved with it for completing one more successful semester. This is great program for undergraduates as this gives them an opportunity to get closely involved with research under a designated mentor. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a mentor under the IE pre-graduate internship program. I mentored Nundhun Kongovi, a really bright and enthusiastic undergrad in the school of natural sciences.

When Nundhun came to our lab, he had very little research experience. This program not only gave him a window into the world of research but also helped him pick up some useful laboratory experience. I enjoyed interacting with Nundhun at an intellectual level as he always had a lot of questions and by answering or trying to answer them (many times I did not have an answer) I learned a lot about my own work.

I personally believe that teaching somebody else is the best way of learning and my experience as a mentor helped me grow both as a teacher and as a graduate student. During the course of his internship in our lab, Nundhun decided that he would like to pursue a career in pharmacy. I am sure with his laboratory research experience under this program, academic achievements and his enthusiastic and inquisitive nature, he will be able to secure an admission in a good Pharmacy program. I wish him all the luck in the world.