Local and National Career Resources

The Versatile PhD

The Versatile PhD mission is to help humanities and social science PhDs and graduate students identify and prepare for possible non-academic careers.

Graduate Student Video Seminars

These videos, prepared by faculty and other professionals at the University of Georgia treat topics such as: Surviving your First Year in Graduate School, Surviving Stress: Some Strategies for Coping, Time Management for Grad Students, Demystifying the Academic Search Process: An Insider Perspective, Empowerment and Success for Black Graduate Students, Cultural Transitions for International Graduate Students, Pursuing a Non-Academic Career after the PhD, Writing the Dissertation: Plan, Implement, and Complete.

Engineering Job Site

Michigan State University Career Guide

Information for graduate students on resume and curriculum vitae writing, job interviews, job searches and more

UC-San Diego Career Services Center

How to write a resume and cover letter, sample letters, practice interviewing techniques, combating Ph.D. stereotypes, list of skills acquired while earning a Ph.D. and other useful resources for those seeking non-academic employment

The Chronicle of Higher Education Careers Section

Includes a current list of academic positions, advice columns, first person accounts of the job market, discussion forums and other materials of interest to those seeking academic or non-academic employment

Humanities at Work Career Resources

A list of companies/organizations who recognize the talents of doctoral graduates. Each has provided contact information, a brief description of their organization, and sample job descriptions that can better introduce you to their organization and the types of career opportunities they can provide.

Beyond Academe

This website was developed to educate historians about opportunities for historians "outside the box"---that is outside of academia.

PhD fusion

This site connects Ph.D.s and offers career information based on their needs and interests. Though the focus of the site is for Ph.D.s (and other advanced degree holders) to find non-academic jobs, it also has some content for Ph.D.s in academia. Categories include: Careers, Links, Academia (Academic News and Developments in Education).

How to Leave Physics

Career Guide for Engineers and Computer Scientists

Academic Web Logs

Collection of web logs listed featuring occasional discussions about academic life, careers, and the job market.

Tips for Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews and Negotiation

Links to articles, web sites and other resources to assist you in preparing a resume, cover letter and in interviewing for a job.

Obtaining Employment (Re-envisioning the Ph.D.)

A collection of resources that address preparation for a wider range of career options for PhD.’s. The resources are grouped in the order of search for employment: researching career paths, preparing CVs and resumes, and searching for positions.

Alternative Careers for Ph.D.’s

Ph.D. Careers Beyond the University

What's it like working outside academe? How should you prepare? This site explores these questions and more. This site is produced by Mark Johnson, an English literature PhD who works in the software industry.

A Guide to Post-Academic Careers

This site is designed for graduate students, faculty members or adjunct instructors and addresses issues related to the academic job market, as well as topics for those considering leaving academia for personal, economic or other reasons.

"Networking Today: A Guide for Business Professionals and College Graduates"

Naturejobs -- Career Forums

The lively career resource from Nature. Discussion board for science career activists, jobseekers, recruiters and advertisers.

University of Maryland -- Academic Job Market Advice

Campus Career Resources

Department of Germanic Studies Professional Development Web

Materials on CV preparation, job letters, interviews, etc. These materials will be of use to students in many disciplines.

Sanger Learning & Career Center

College of Communication Career Services

College of Education Career Services

College of Engineering Career Assistance Center

College of Fine Arts Career Services

School of Information Career Services

LBJ School Career Services

Liberal Arts Career Services

Natural Sciences Career Services

School of Nursing Career Links

Careers in Pharmacy

Social Work Career Services